Over the years, we’ve worked with many customers and have compiled a list of a few of the more common questions we receive during the home buying and home building process. Of course, we are always available to answer any question that comes to mind. Please give us a call (520) 575-6081!

  • Does Insight Homes build custom homes?

    We will build custom homes on any lot you own. We build semi-custom homes in The Preserve at Dove Mountain based on 7 models we have approved for that location. If you need assistance locating a custom lot, we can help.

  • Will you build one of the models on my property?

    We will build any home, including our models featured at The Preserve at Dove Mountain.

  • Can we modify a floor plan?

    Insight Homes can make modifications to our existing floor plans. Contact our site sales office to schedule a meeting with the builder and we can discuss the changes you would like to make and help you determine if they will be feasible. A variety of unique and extensive modifications have been completed for our satisfied customers .

  • Are you a green builder?

    Custom homes can be built to any energy efficiency standard you desire. Because our homes at The Preserve at Dove Mountain are built to very high standards, they often exceed minimum standards for energy efficiency ratings. We can provide any green feature that is currently available. Come by our site sales office and experience our quality construction in person with a tour.